Urban Library

Manifesting a clients wish to have their own personal Urban Library has been a joyous antidote to the digital tidal wave. Working in a small backyard in the city centre, we were entrusted to build a secure library for a collection of loved family books.  The brief was to keep as much privacy and security as possible, whilst retaining a wonderful garden oasis. Together we decided on no windows to maximize the wall space and help with security. The interior shelving was made from Birch plywood and supported by stripped Hazel branches from the garden.

We used reclaimed corrugated sheeting for 3 of the exterior walls, with large double doors for both light and security at the front. The library has been wrapped with the highest quality natural insulation(Thermafleece), and a high spec moisture membrane (Klober), to protect the books from being damaged. We also worked with local company Willards Wrought Iron, we designed a bespoke steel roof that would continue the clients wish for it to be disguised as a rusty old garden shed.

The client has moved some of the books in, but I shall wait for the right moment to pick one of the shelf and have a quiet afternoon in this very peaceful sheltered space.



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