Landscaping an Outdoor Shelter


This is the culmination of a wonderful collaboration between craftsmen, willing clients and beautiful materials.  We are really pleased with how the clean lines from black diagonals, to pale verticals and scalloped ripples work together.


We created a contemporary garden structure, providing privacy, shelter and a new connection to the garden.  The brief was focused on materials, strong shapes and how it was going to sit alongside the renovated house. The clients relished being part of the design process and together we experimented with the materials and scrutinized the finished quality and aesthetic.


The profile of the Black Larch herringbone needed to match up on the angles perfectly, as did the Accoya decking running into the existing cladding.  All of these considerations contributed to a project based on quality workmanship, and I cannot wait to revisit when the planting starts to soften the structures.


It was a pleasure working with craftsmen that clearly enjoyed their work and approached the project in a professional and enthusiastic way. R. Slade – (Bleasby).

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