Floating in the darkness


The floating bench funnels the darkness of the space and lifts the users spirits.

A design & build project between myself and Martin at We Make Our Way. for the Floating Garden Shelter project.20171124_133657

From the outset we knew we wanted to make a floating bench to enable the clients to entertain and for more intimate gazing at the flames of an open fire. After choosing to use Iroko for its colour, we started to carve soft ripples and wave like patterns into the surface.


We had to design and work with Keenan at Willards to make a steel support strong enough to hold the bench.  After a few nerve racking attempts at drilling 18″ holes into the bench we slid the two pieces together on site.  Craftsman Martin Sommerville had carved a beautiful tongue and groove joint, that slid seamlessly together.  The bench now floats in the compelling darkness of the outdoor shelter and awaits an open fire and a group of friends to really bring it to life.


Thanks to Martin at We Make Our Way & Keenan at Willards for their experience and expertise.

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