Firewood store with a green roof

I have just built a firewood store with a green roof for someone who lives off grid by the River Trent.  We went for a sloping green roof so that the owners could enjoy seeing the plants and flowers from their home. I planted it with 200 of my own cuttings of six different Sedums. In a year it will be covered in flowers and insects, but for now the owners dogs are already using it as a shelter from the rain until it is filled with next years wood. As the weather was good I used a water soluble adhesive from PermaroofUK to join the Firestone rubber membrane to the wooden structure, and finished the edge off with a simple fascia board. The substrate was half a tonne of recycled builders rubble held in place with treated timber.  I look forward to seeing it in full bloom next year.

We live off grid and it was a pleasure to find someone to help with our various projects who really understood what we are trying to achieve.
Honest, diligent and empathetic, we can highly recommend Marcus for top quality work with vision.

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