Art Studio Cladding

Since the beginning of the year I have been passionately building a bespoke Art Studio for a client.

Designed in a L shape, the space has the potential to be both an Art Studio, with a bedroom partly set into the alcove.  From the first conversation with the client, we have relished the challenge of wrapping the extension in the beautiful pink and yellow Larch.  The herringbone Larch cladding was designed and milled specifically for this job with the local Elston Sawmill.

The studio has been wrapped in a breathable membrane and insulated with PIR board. All the main windows and french doors will face east, to capture as much morning sun as possible.

Like with all our timber frame buildings, we cast concrete plinths for the frame to sit on and insulate the floor before the frame is erected. We love the incidental sunlight and shadows reflecting on the membrane at this time of year. One of the great benefits of timber frame building is that the winter weather does not stop the building work.

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