Sculptural Treehouse

I have just spent a few weeks with long time friends Greenwood Studio building a Cedar Treehouse around a White Oak in Toronto, Canada. We came together armed with a photo/sketch of hands wrapping the tree and the clients desire to create a treehouse that protected imagination for their family.  We were never going to make a square box.  So the Cedar shingles roll around the tree to form part of the circular wall, eventually hugging the tree and inviting you to use the Oak pegs and steep stairs to climb into another world.

We wanted to create enough space inside for playing, whilst keeping it feel safe like a cave. Cutting bullrush silhouettes into the cladding and staggering them across the surface allowed for more light and ventilation on the inside.  Fixing the platform directly to the tree with brackets, created an extra den space underneath with an added table built into the tree.  A window looks out onto the swimming pool and phase two plans consist of a walkway with a slide into the pool.

‘It’s a work of art.  You have taken the dead tree and created a beautiful beehive sculpture for us to look at and to climb up into’. ‘It’s awesome you can touch the tree’.

The children have already written their names on it, so the official hand over is complete.


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