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After the Disco

Entertainment & Meditation Space

Project Outline:
To create an entertainment space in the garden that encouraged socialising, whilst being cosy and large enough to project films, practice mediation and work digitally.

The main element of the design discussions were to find ways to unite all the contrasting elements within the garden landscape. The layout incorporated an existing concrete slab and the neighbouring profile of a building influenced the height and shape of the roof. There was also a need to focus on the balance between family entertainment and the tranquility of a yoga/meditation space..


The clients enjoyed being involved in all decisions and directly influencing the design as it developed. Designing and building on site suited this collaborative approach, which ultimately enabled the clients to visualise the end results and sleep on decisions. We looked extensively at low maintenance cladding options and finally agreed on a 90% recycled composite cladding from Envirobuild and Black corrugated plastisol coated cladding from Tinman Steels for the exposed sides of the build. For the softer social aspect of the semi exterior we chose a Larch board with a UV protective coating, to create a warm and cosy feel to the covered bar and seating area.

To help break up the solidity of such a large project, we lifted the roof above the bar as much as possible, leaving the textured finish as a raw OSB board. The doorway was built on an angle to invite you into the interior, with a large fixed window on the front to capture as much light and alter the perception of the spaces from the house. Light was an issue with no roof lights, so we chose to section of the decked area with a simple open pergola structure which helped soften the feel of the whole structure.

The most complicated aspect of the design was to create a bar both indoors and outdoors. We achieved this by making bespoke folding windows on the wall facing the decked area with a bar top fitted in one piece of brushed aluminium with projecting folded edges.

Throughout this project we retained a simple layout so that the space could alter and change in the future. We created some definition of space using OSB sheets again for the bar and surrounding walls, with the rest of the lofty roof space and walls finished with painted plaster.

photography by Gavin Joynt