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Black Moon

Motion Graphics Studio

Project Outline:
To squeeze a bespoke modern Home Working Studio onto an existing concrete foundation within a thin terraced garden.

The building was designed with the need for two workstations, secure and limited visibility from the neighbouring roads and houses, and incorporating simple lines and beautiful materials.

With the very limited size and shape of the garden we took away a corner of the studio to wrap around the old apple tree, extended the roof into a canopy and created a stepped trellis wall to mask the neighbours building. The large pillar box window on the back of the studio was placed high up to help with security and create a visual escape from the screens when needed.

We installed the interior with the White Osmo Stained Birch Plywood in a running brick pattern all the way around, and after some debate and sampling we created a shadow gap to emphasize the pattern. The extra large floating office desktop was created and laminated on site, sliding into the wall for a perfect fit.

Enhancing and contributing to the room we extended box plywood window sills protruding into the room to create more depth to the walls.

The outside of building was always going to be black, it was a matter of experimenting and finally finding the beautiful soft wood finish of Black Larch from Brookes Bros on the front and back of the studio. This contrasts with the neighbours rusty sheeting and industrial and yet stunning Black Plastisol coated Corrugated steel sheeting on the sides.

photography by Gavin Joynt