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Kuro Koya

Angled Nook Garden Room. Hucknall Nottingham.

Project Outline:
A travel inspired challenge to create a cabin for entertaining and working from home, with space for contemplation.

The unique angles and shape came from a need for the cabin to feel more than a garden room and also to let in as much light as possible. Cantilevered spaces were used as a way of creating more space whilst lessening the overall foot print of the build.

The clients were very interested and  involved from the start, and wanted to explore the design as we built it, so there was a sense of positive close collaboration throughout. To help keep costs down they prepared the groundworks ready for a very simple and effective plinth system from Swift Foundations. They also spray finished all the exterior wood with a matt black stain from Barrantine. The angled full length windows capture the winter sun, which along with the thick insulation creates a very cosy space in all seasons. I was acutely aware of the sun’s potential to illuminate the edges of the cladding, so we choose a neon orange to hand stain a selected amount and in doing so created a hidden yet dynamic effect at different times of the day.

The interior needed to contrast the dark exterior and to provide a modern contemporary and light feel to the office and dining space, whilst the nook was lined with a luxurious grey felt to lean against whilst hiding away from the world.

Careful attention was also applied to the landscaping, an area clients often overlook. The strong design is softened with tranquil spaces and carefully considered planting around a newly situated pond. The big double doors open out and link the walkways, decking and outdoor seating, allowing a natural flow from indoor to outdoor living and subtly connects the cabin with nature.

This project was a delight from start to finish, the clients seem to exude happiness and contentment at having invested, both financially and creatively, in something that is having such a positive affect on their lives. 

photography by Gavin Joynt
video by ERD Visual Media