Philosophy & Process



At the heart of a SHELTERED SPACES project is the excitement and passion to work together with you and craftspeople, to design and build unique spaces.

Whilst offering creative and practical solutions we strive to design and build quality spaces with a real sense of individual character.


PHONE or EMAIL  –  Call Marcus on 07940 538986 or email , to book a meeting to discuss Sheltered Spaces designing and building your project.

INITIAL CONSULTATION  –   This first meeting is an opportunity to get a feel for the project and to get to know each other.  We will help you visualise your ideas and determine what you want from your sheltered space and set a proposed budget.

DETAILED DESIGN  –  On instruction to proceed we will develop a detailed brief, before finalising the details, agreeing the timescale and final budget. This will form the contract for your Sheltered Spaces project.  An invoice for the design will be applied at this stage.

GROUNDWORK  –  Once the detailed brief and design has been accepted, a second invoice will be issued and groundwork will begin .

PROJECT BUILD  –  Building is usually completed within 3-6 weeks depending on the scale of the project.  A final invoice will be issued on completion.

AFTERCARE & MAINTENANCE –  (Negotiable dependent on the scale of your project).

From the date of completion there will be a 1 month period where Sheltered Spaces will return to resolve issues.  After this period Sheltered Spaces will come to an agreement within reason regarding any issues.

Any new sheltered space needs to be checked regularly and depending on the exterior finish, there maybe need for simple maintenance that would be your responsibility.

Contact Marcus to discuss the potential of working with us.