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Tokyo 64 Studio

Charred Larch Garden Room. West Bridgford Nottingham.

Project Outline:
To create an alternative Japanese inspired garden room space with storage and a place to enjoy some of the clients passion for furniture.

One of the main briefs was to  explore how sunlight and shadows could be harnessed at different times of the day. Clean lines inside and out was also important to the client.

From the outset the clients wanted a high quality exterior finish and we worked very closely with a delightful bespoke cladding manufacturer Toasted Wood. After finding the right charred finish (and there are a lot!) we got to work exploring the interior. Birch plywood with Osmo white stain were perfect for the walls, and with the addition of bespoke slimline aluminium glazing and letterbox windows set up high, the trees and sky can be seen outside, and the light and shadows bounce and move around the space within.

Together we designed a continuous reclined bench that wrapped around two sides of the Studio. It formed storage for all the cushions and children’s toys, shelving for selected artworks, seating and a gorgeous day bed for lounging and watching the clouds go by.

Due to the nature of how we collaborated in the design, the clients were able to be involved and present each day. One collaborative customisation was to build a hidden door for access and maintenance behind the cabin. This was set within the compact office space to keep lines clean and to contrast the white plastered wall as a way of softening all the wood. We also managed to fit in a garden storage space hidden within the front face of the studio. As the structure grew, we decided to add an angled black composite deck to compliment and enhance the overall shape and to encourage movement from the house to the garden. It also serves as a perfect space for G&T at the end of a summers evening.

photography by Gavin Joynt