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Vinyl Cabin

A musician's hideaway

Project Outline:
The aim of this project was to create a beautiful yet practical new space for the client to store and enjoy their vinyl music collection.

The key inspiration for the design came from the vinyl itself and the way they stack on the shelf. The “lean” of the records themselves is mirrored both in the angled cladding and within the building construction itself, where the back wall purposely leans outwards to create a much bigger space and to encourage listeners to lay back and relax.

We used reclaimed scaffold boards for the floor and leftover sheathing ply to clad the interior. The shelving is all ready to be stacked with vinyl and complete with a ladder to climb onto the day bed area.  We even managed to squeeze in a separate children’s den space underneath. An angled skylight helped capture natural light through a rubber (EPDM) roof. The use of different wooden species (Idigbo, Larch and Sepele wood) together create a gorgeous  cladding that works really well to accentuate the angled space, and it cuts into the back of the garden perfectly.

photography by Gavin Joynt