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Writers Retreat

A discreet yet modern workspace, Newark.

Project Outline:
Creating a practical workspace for a local author by extending an existing garage. 

The building was designed with the client, and it was agreed to use quality crafted materials such as Cedar Shingles on the outside and a gorgeous grey and mixed cream 12mm Felted Walls on the inside. 

The Cedar Shingles help soften the curved building and create a sophisticated warmth as you approach the hidden Retreat. We used big sliding doors as opposed to bi-folds, so the new landscaped area in front could be more accessible at social times.  We hand nailed the floor with Cut Clasp Nails for better stability and because they are a beautiful objects in their own right.

Inside, the walls and floorboards were treated with Osmo White Stain to stop the yellowing of wood and to keep a subdued, but light quality to the space, and windows were set into the flat roof adding an extra dimension to the space, and whilst the brief was to create a hidden retreat the connection to the outside is formed by the light from above. The felted walls provide a reclusive space and alter the sound of the space for the better, and bring a warmth whilst providing a welcomed change to the mass of wooden surfaces.  We never wanted to hide the way the felt was applied to the walls, so we went for the upholstered look with gorgeous Blued steel forged nails.

photography by Gavin Joynt
video by ERD Visual Media


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