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Zig Zag Studio

Home office with woven cladding. Mapperley Nottingham

Project Outline:
To design and build a home office with storage space using an alternative approach to traditional cladding.

The client wanted a simple yet aesthetically challenging studio and storage space replacement for an old concrete garage.

At the beginning of the build the client shared an image of abstract black and white geometric tiling. We both immediately loved the challenge of finding a way of creating that feel with wood. Amazingly they had the vision to trust the design process and through experimenting with staining and charring we created a flexible system that allowed us to create lots of patterns and configurations. Each piece was charred five times and stained with a UV protection. Once the main structure was built and the rubber roof was installed we were able to experiment with the pattern and see what worked in real time.

The very large Zig Zag pattern has elements of illusion and movement when seen at certain angles and in the clients own words ‘has brought the garden to life’. Its a brave design and has a very distinct visual presence. In the end the dynamic approach we applied to the design and building process paid off.

The interior is broken up with areas of OSB board and Birch plywood with a white wash over the top to stop the wood yellowing. The rest of the storage area and exterior is clad in black stained timber as an alternative to charring.

photography by Gavin Joynt